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Best response ever, or best response ever? You decide!

I am very saddened that the OP never came back to tell us about the times he’s been physically assaulted by feminazis for politely opening the door for them. Gee, I wonder it its because it never happened?

This guy might be my new favorite troll. He showed up on Jez yesterday and spent hours combing through MRA related articles, the most recent of which was from March, and leaving barely literate screeds on them. As I am want to do, I spent some time screencaping the ones I could catch — people were dismissing him left and right.

A day in the life of a Jezebel mod. Uber feminist wasteland! Write about tampons! 

#noJezebel: Celebrity, Sex, Forced Re-victimization for Women | Persephone Magazine

On February 8, the (in)famous women’s blog Jezebel ran a story headlined “Did Libyan Video of a Journalist’s Rape Get Posted on YouTube?” (Trigger warning for images and content at the link; the contents are summarized below.) Appropriately, the editors tagged the story as Horrible; however, the horror registered in the post’s comments, as well as on Twitter and elsewhere, is directed toward the editors’ decision to run the story complete with screencaps from the video in question. In response to the outcry among its commentariat, which demanded to know why Editor-in-Chief Jessica Coen and author Anna North thought it was a good idea to post lightly altered images of a woman being sexually assaulted, the blog left the images up, albeit with extra pixelation — pixelation added, according to what I can work out from the timeline, almost a day after the original images ran.



The title of this post (“Rihanna Defends Her French Gibberish Tattoo”) could only be interpreted as “Open Season.” And internet commenters are happy to oblige with plenty of humorless scolding.

What a disgusting display from a site whose commenters are constantly bemoaning that womens bodies are not public property.  There’s no tattoo-related exemption to that rule, bitches.

Tattoos — especially neck tattoos — are totally gross, donchaknow, and anyone who has anything different about them in a visible location are, like, totally asking to be bitched at. And according to another commenter, they are also prostitutes.

You know, like me: